Can You Buy Replacement Garage Door Openers?

Can you buy replacement garage door openers for your garage door? Of course yes. Let’s find out more.

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One of the things to love about an electronic garage door is the convenience of operating it remotely. However, like any device, your garage door opener will not last forever. You could misplace the remote, or your garage door may become obsolete as technology advances.

Suppose you misplace your garage door opener remotes, can you buy replacement garage door openers or just the remotes? Read along to find out.

Can you buy replacement garage door openers?

Yes, you can buy replacement garage door openers or remotes depending on the amount of investment you are willing to put into your home’s security. You can always find a replacement opener remote from your home unit’s manufacturer. Alternatively, you could go for a universal garage door opener remote from reputable brands like LiftMaster or Chamberlain.

If you have an old garage door opener, you could as well just replace the unit altogether. In any case, various reasons will determine whether replacing the lost garage door opener remote or the garage door opener itself is the logical option.

This article will look at when it would be necessary to replace the garage door opener and when to replace only the remote.

When Should You Buy a Replacement Remote for Your Garage door Opener?

When can you buy replacement garage door openers? Replacing the remote to your garage door opener is a cheaper option compared to installing a new opener. 

Here are the instances where you want to keep your garage door opener and replace only the remote control.

When You Lose Your Remote

This is by far the greatest reason to replace your garage door opener remote. You may lose your remote controller by misplacing it or it may get stolen. 

When you lose your remote, ensure you immediately disable that particular remote by erasing it from the memory and resetting the opener’s code. 

This goes a long way towards ensuring your security and that of your garage. 

When your garage door opener remote is broken

Remotes get broken every time. This means you cannot control your garage door remotely anymore and would have to open your garage door manually. No one likes that.

Assuming that the rest of the garage door opener system is perfectly functional, broken remotes can always be replaced. To eliminate that inconvenience, find a replacement remote as soon as possible to restore your usual way of operating the garage door.

For extended access when sharing the garage space 

Usually, the garage is shared by more than one person uses in a home. If this is the case in your home, you would want to have a spare remote for your family to use when you are away with one remote. 

If you have a two-car garage, having more than two remotes makes a lot of sense. Having more remote controllers makes sharing the garage space much easier.

The good thing is garage door manufacturers are aware of the need for more remotes and often avail two or three remotes when you buy a new system. 

If your garage door opener does not have a smartphone app

Today’s garage door openers are smart. They can be operated through mobile phone apps over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

However, if you have an older opener, the chances are that it is not smart and does not support such smartphone integration. In such a case, remotes are the only way to operate the door from a distance.

If you lose your remote, you may have no choice but to find a replacement. 

When remotes are the only option

There are many ways to operate a garage door opener. These include the use of remote controller, use of a keypad pin, mobile app control and manual operation. 

However, if your garage door opener is not smart and cannot be operated using an app or you dislike the use of manual effort, then remote controls are the only option for you. 

If you lose your remote in such a case, then you would need to replace it and restore that convenience you so much desire

You already have a new garage door opener at home.

All three reasons above will only prevail if your current garage door opener is sound and does not need replacement.

If you already have a new garage door opener, you would have no reason to replace it. It will likely already have the convenience and security features that you find in a modern garage door opener.

If you lose the remote associated with such an opener, you would only need to buy another remote and not invest in another opener altogether.

How to replace a garage door opener remote

Once you have established that you need another remote, the next essential thing is knowing how to get one.

The most important and challenging part of buying a new garage door opener remote is finding one compatible with your specific model. You can go about it in one of two ways:

Option 1: Buy a compatible replacement model from your current unit’s manufacturer.

Option 2: Buy a universal garage door opener remote and configure it with your opener.

The option you choose will depend on whether your manufacturer still produces your garage door opener model.

If the company no longer manufactures your opener model, finding a new remote designed specifically for that garage door opener may be challenging. In such a case, your options will be limited to purchasing a universal remote.

Here are the steps to follow to determine the remote replacement option available for you.

How to determine which replacement remote to buy

You will need to know more than just the brand of your opener to determine the remote to purchase for it. You need to have specific information regarding the make and model of that unit.

Step 1: Check the unit for information regarding its make and model

Start by checking the side of the garage door motor unit for information regarding its make and model. These details usually appear on the exterior of the large box encasing the opener motor, so they should be easy to find.

The label might also indicate the device’s manufacturing date based on your brand. Note down this detail for use while ordering a replacement remote from the manufacturer.

If you still have the old remote, inspect it too for the brand name and model number. Usually, this information will be on the back of the battery cover or inside the battery slot.

Step 2: Look up the product online to determine its availability

The first thing you want to do once you have the information is to check if the manufacturer still produces the same model. You can look it up on online stores like Amazon or check the manufacturer’s website.

If the opener is available, the chances are the company is still in business and likely to be selling the compatible remote.

If you do not find the opener online, consider taking the next step: contacting the company to inquire about the remote.

Step 3: Contact the manufacturer and inquire about the remote.

The company’s customer service number should be available on their website. Use this contact information to call and find out about the availability of your model.

Use the opportunity to find out the replacement remote best suited for your opener model. Ensure you give them the make and model number for more accurate assistance.

If you bought your opener from a local retailer or installation company, you might contact them instead. They likely have all the information you need and will be in a position to help. So you may order a replacement remote from the same garage door installation company.

Step 4: Inquire about universal remotes if your model is unavailable

If your garage door opener brand indicates the manufacturing date, you should use it to tell how old the unit is. Openers that are at most 20 years old are likely to have compatible universal remotes in the market.

A universal remote can replace your original garage door remote once it is configured. Some varieties may also work openers older than 20 years.

You can get the information regarding these openers through a phone call or visit a retailer dealing in replacement remotes and check if they cater to your model. If you are fortunate, you should find a suitable match.

Always take some time to read other customers’ product reviews to ensure you are buying a quality product.

How to program your new garage door opener remote

Once you have your new remote, you need to set it up to start using it with your garage door opener.

We have an article dedicated to programming linear opener remotes. Check it if you have a linear garage door opener.

Your remote will require one of two types of programming:

  1. Digital programming. The remote uses the learn button on the motor housing box to sync to the garage door system.
  2. DIP switch programming. These models consist of a dual in-line arrangement of electrical switches in a small housing or box.

While you might not be tech-savvy, the remotes are pretty simple in design. Programming them is, therefore, straightforward since they come with a detailed user manual.

Nevertheless, this section walks you through the process of setting up your new remote.

Step 1: Power up the remote and motor unit

For the remote, you need to insert the batteries or simply ensure they are in the device. In most cases, your remote will come with the required batteries preinstalled.

If your remote already has batteries in it, the batteries will usually have a protective tab that you must pull to connect the battery circuit.

Also, power up the garage door opener by ensuring it is plugged in and switched on.

Step 2: Press and release the learn button on the motor unit.

If your opener is the ceiling-mounted type, you will have to climb a stepladder to reach the learn button.

The learn button on a garage door is the switch responsible for pairing new accessories such as remotes with the opener or erasing its (the opener’s) memory.

In this case, you will prompt it to perform the first function: pairing the opener with a new accessory. So, press the learn button to ready the unit for paring.

You should see the words ‘Learn Code’ on the motor casing showing you the button. Of course, the wording may be different, in which case you should consult your user manual for clarification.

Once you press the button, you should hear a beeping sound or see a flashing light come on to show that you have readied the learn mode.

Step 3: Press and hold the remote button.

The next thing to do is press and hold down the remote button until you see the light gone. You can select the ‘open’ button on your remote for this setup or any button you prefer if you have a three-button remote.

Also, you may need to be at least 5 feet away from the motor housing unit when pressing the remote button, even though some brands do not specify this as a requirement.

The unit will produce a sound to indicate when it has recognized the new connection or just stop blinking. It should take about half a minute (30 seconds) to complete the connection.

If you have a DIP switch model, simply key in your code to match the opener code, and you are good to go.

Ideally, universal garage door remotes will have both types of programming available to let you choose based on your system.

Older garage door units are highly likely to have a DIP switch programming metho. So you may need a universal remote with that option.

All you have to do is match the DIP switch sequence to what is displayed on the opener or receiver for the new remote to work.

Step 4: Test your remote.

Now that you have completed the task, it is time to test the results. Push down the ‘open’ button on your remote and see if the garage door responds. If it does, your job is complete. However, you will have to repeat the programming process if the door does not respond.

When to buy a replacement garage door opener

It may be necessary to replace your garage door opener if it is damaged, or in some instances that render it less valuable. Here are the situations that may signal when to buy and install a new opener for your home.

Your opener does not conform to the 1993 CPSC rule

The CPSC rule is a set of legislations the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission established in 1993 to ensure the safety of automatic residential garage doors.

Compliant garage doors have an automatic safety reversing mechanism to avoid entrapping pets and children beneath them.

A garage door opener with this feature has two sensors on either side of the door. If there is a child, an object, or animal within the doorway during the closing, the sensors will detect it, and the door will stop and reverse immediately.

If you have a garage door opener manufactured before 1993, it may not have this automatic safety feature. So now would be an excellent time to upgrade to something more contemporary.

The auto-reverse mechanism could protect your family and pets from unintended entrapments. So, you need to check as regularly as possible to ensure it works if your door has it.

How to check the working of your opener’s safety reversing mechanism

  • Start by eyeballing the garage door on each side. There should be sensors mounted on the flanks at the bottom—no higher than six inches from the ground.
  • Place an object such as a kid’s bike on the doorway and then hit the ‘close’ button on your garage door opener.
  • The door should start closing and immediately reverse if the sensors are working. As long as an object blocks the beam running between the two sensors, the door will not close as a safety measure.

Your garage door has fewer security features

Today’s garage door openers come with advanced security features, including an integrated camera that allows you to monitor the garage remotely from your phone. They are also less susceptible to hacking and can better deter burglars from your home.

Older models may have no such features. Instead, they can make your garage door an accessible entryway for unauthorized intruders.

If you have an old garage door opener model, you may want to upgrade to improve your home’s security.

Your garage door is noisy

A noisy garage door opener can be a nuisance, especially if the garage is part of the home’s main living spaces.

Advancements in garage door opener technology include significant noise reductions. If you have a noisy garage door that keeps your visitors from sleeping soundly, consider buying a replacement to make your home more conducive.

You have a garage door opener with no external keypad

If you have an older garage door opener, it may require a standard key to open from the outside. If you lost the remote and the key, you would be locked out of your garage.

Today, garage door openers come with keypads mounted on the outside of the garage. These are easy to operate as they only require a programmable numerical entry code to operate.

Such a newer model means no key to lose and no risk of getting locked outside your garage door. It also makes sharing the garage much easier; all you need to do is share the entry code with whoever needs to access the garage with your permission.

You need a battery backup

Power outages can strike anytime, and this could mean being unable to operate your garage door or having to do it manually.

The whole process of manually opening and closing a garage door can be pretty inconvenient for some people or, in some cases.

Newer garage door opener models come with a backup battery feature so you can use them to operate your door even during power outages. This addition can take the frustration out of the picture and make your life easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we encounter on this topic from most of the forums we moderate.

Q: How do I get a replacement garage door opener?

You can get a new garage door opener remote from your unit manufacturer’s website or from ecommerce sites such as Amazon and homedepot. If you used a home improvement company to procure and install your garage door opener, then check with the company for the replacement of parts of your garage door opener system.

Q: How much does it cost to replace a garage door opener remote?

Replacing a garage door opener remote would cost you about $30 to $60 dollars. This is inclusive of exact model remotes or universal remotes. However, dependent on your model, the replacement cost might vary. 

Q: Can you replace a garage door opener on your own?

Yes, you can replace the garage door opener remote yourself without any expert assistance. Most remote controllers and garage door openers come with a detailed user manual that guides users on how to program and operate the whole system.

Q: Do universal remotes work?

Yes, universal remotes work perfectly with most garage door opener models provided they are compartible. However, some may fail to work with some garage door opener models or fail to configure to your garage door opener.

So, can you buy replacement garage door openers?

The garage door is a primary entryway into your home, so it deserves special attention to ensure it works as it should. This involves having a properly functioning opener installed at all times.

So, can you buy replacement garage door openers? Yes, you can and we’ve provided a comprehensive guide on how to go about it. We hope you find it useful.

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