6 Best Garage Door Openers With A Camera

Everyone who has ever parked their car in the garage knows the pain you get when you’re halfway down the block and realize you haven’t closed the garage door. But what if you could simply open an app and see your garage door, as well as close it with that app?

Getting the best garage door opener with a camera will take the pain away. A modern garage door opener with a camera connects to your current garage door and subsequently to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to monitor it from any location.

You can even connect it to other smart home gadgets in the home, so if you open it late at night, your smart lights will turn on.

6 Best Garage Door Openers With A Camera 2024 Summary List

How To Choose The Best Garage Door Opener With A Camera (Buying Guide)

A garage door opener provides convenient, illuminated access to your house while also increasing security. These devices are made even more convenient by features like smart-device integration and home-automation system connectivity.

Let us look at some of these features you should look out for when buying the best garage door opener with a camera.

Drive type

Garage door openers can function in several ways. Chain drive garage door opener models use a metal chain to raise and lower doors. They’re less expensive and can handle bigger doors, but they’re noisy.

A belt drive garage door opener functions more smoothly and silently since it employs a belt.

Screw drive garage door openers, which use a threaded steel rod to lift doors, are also silent and low-maintenance. A direct drive garage door opener is a single piece of equipment that moves to lift the door. These are the quietest and smoothest mechanics on the market.

Compatibility with current door

Examine the garage door opener’s compatibility with your current setup. Make sure the garage door opener fits the door’s standards, whether you’re upgrading to a smart garage door opener or replacing the complete system.

If you have a smart garage door opener, make sure it is compatible with your smart home system so that the smart features can interact with one another.


When comparing the lifting power of garage door opener models, look for horsepower (HP) ratings. Residential models usually have ratings ranging from 1/2 to 1 1/2 horsepower. A 1/2-horsepower garage door opener motor should be enough for a sectional double-car garage door, but a higher-power model will run with less effort and reduce motor wear and tear.

Higher horsepower openers could be needed for heavier or one-piece doors.

Safety and security

Modern openers generate electronic beams that stretch over the garage door opening to give added protection and prevent being trapped inside. The safety mechanism is triggered when a person, animal, or item breaks the beam, causing a closing door to reverse direction.

When a closing door hits an obstacle, garage door openers have a mechanism that reverses the door.

Garage door openers that are newer might also boost security. To activate the opener, the remote sends a unique code. Look for a rotating code feature to prevent code theft and to ensure that your garage will not be opened by a neighbor’s remote control.


If you’re using a Wifi or Bluetooth-enabled smart garage door opener, ensure you have a strong signal in your garage. Otherwise, the smart features may not perform as well as they should, or the garage door opener may have problems.

Benefits of garage door openers with a camera

  • Cameras help you monitor the most vulnerable area of your home or business which is your garage.
  • Cameras keep a record of who comes in and out of your garage, so it’s easy to trace back when something goes wrong or is missing.
  • Cameras help you know if you forgot to close your garage door. As all smart garage door openers with a camera integrate easily with our smartphones, you can remotely operate your garage door with ease.
  • Smart garage door openers with cameras often have smart reminders sent directly to your phone via an app.
  • Imagine controlling your garage door with voice controls. It’s such a convenient feature.

Best Garage Door Opener With A Camera Review (Our Top 5)

Garage door activation technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. Modern belt drives, made of long-lasting metal-infused rubber make the doors whisper-quiet. Some units enable in-garage delivery, while others are receiving built-in video cameras to keep track of who’s in and out of the garage.

Below we look at the five best garage door openers with cameras available in the market. We considered the above-mentioned features when coming up with our list.

iSmartGate Pro garage door opener with a Camera (Best for multiple garage doors control)

ismartgate 02WNA104 Wi-Fi Ultimate PRO Garage Door Opener
  • Works with all garage door openers made after 1993 except with Chamberlain, Liftmaster, and Craftsman openers with Security+ 2.0 technology
  • For use on up to 3 doors
  • Voice control and universal home integration—Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Echo, and IFTTT
  • Creates its own Wi-Fi field for local use only
  • can be connected to owner's Wi-Fi network

The iSmartGate Pro is the only garage door opener that uses camera for visual verification before granting access. The iSmartGate Pro can control up to three doors. It is a great controller that can open and close your door using Geofencing through HomeKit or IFTTT.

It can also operate the door through voice control by Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri, and its app or online interface.

It works with both wireless and wired sensors that are waterproof and feature built-in temperature sensors. Because the iSmartGate Pro does not send commands to the cloud-like other controllers, it allows you to manage your door even if your internet access is unavailable.

The iSmartGate Pro is also compatible with powered gates. Most notably, you can program it to play a favorite song through the garage door’s built-in speakers whenever you open or close it.

The iSmartGate Pro app home screen can display you a live view of your garage door right away. If you’re not sure if the sensor is working or if your door is genuinely closed, check for yourself. You can buy an iSmartGate camera or use one of a variety of other compatible cameras.

Even though the iSmartGate Pro is simple to install, the app beyond the home screen is difficult to use, making software setup time-consuming and complex. The setup includes installing a separate software, obtaining your camera’s IP address, and entering it into the controller’s app.

A video plugin must also be purchased and activated. None of this is required, so your video feed does not have to be broadcast over the internet unless you wish it to.

iSmartGate Pro Technical Features

  • Wi-Fi: 2.4Ghz (802.11 b/g/n)
  • Relay outputs: 3 (handles up to to 3 door/gates)
  • Dry contact inputs: 3 (can connect up to 3 wired sensors)
  • Speaker: Yes (for entrance/exit music)
  • Light: Double LED
  • USB: Type A
  • System:               512Mhz CPU / 4GB eMMC / 128MB RAM
  • Universal Power Supply: 110-240V AC (50-60 hz) to 5V2A DC
  • Receiver: 2401 Mhz

What we liked

  • Automatic open & close thereby limiting damages caused by manual operation or loss of property because one forgot to close the garage door.
  • Voice control so you can give voice commands to your opener. This is particularly useful for people with mobility challenges as they don’t have to get out of the car to press on a keypad.
  • Remote alerts & control provide extra security and convenience in instances where the garage door has been left unattended.
  • Multi-door garage use means you don’t have to purchase an extra opener if both (or more) doors can be operated using one garage door opener.
  • Video monitoring provides an excellent way to secure your garage and know when one tries to forcefully access it.
  • User management capability limits access to the garage only to registered users for improved security.


  • The software may be difficult to navigate for some users.

LiftMaster 85503 Garage Door Opener With A Camera (best with Battery backup)

LiftMaster 85503 267 DC Battery Backup Belt Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener with Integrated Camera Without Belt/Rail Assembly
  • Integrated video camera enables you to see what is happening in your garage through a live feed or recorded event.
  • Video camera begins recording when motion is detected.
  • Battery Backup allows you to open/close your door even when the power is out.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows for smartphone control with the myQ App.
  • Enables secure in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime packages. Check availability in your area

The LiftMaster 85503 is an ultra-quiet belt drive garage door opener with a camera that offers the latest of myQ smart technology, including free streaming video and optional cloud storage.

The LiftMaster 85503 connects to the myQ App, allowing you to monitor and operate your garage from anywhere. With real-time notifications, never be concerned about the garage door being left open.

No matter where you are, you can check the status of your garage door and even open and close it from your phone. With footage that is streamed live, stop wondering and take a look at what’s going on in your garage.

Whether you’re at work or on vacation, free real-time video monitoring allows you to keep an eye on what’s going on.

This garage door lets you view past action with a monthly subscription to either a weekly or monthly video storage option. Two-way communication is possible.

With two-way communication, you can communicate with your neighbor on where to find certain things or welcome the kids home from school.

From any location ensure the safety and security of your family and valuables with a dependable garage door opener that is easy to operate, durable, and powerful. It also integrates with Amazon’s Key service to provide secure and convenient in-garage delivery.

You can also view in-garage deliveries, package deliveries, and in-garage food delivery in real-time thanks to the live video streaming capabilities.

LiftMaster 85503 Technical Features

  • HD-Quality Video: 1080p
  • Drive Type: Belt
  • AC / DC: DC       
  • Battery Backup: Yes
  • Lights Turn On When Entering Garage:   Yes        
  • Security / Lock: No
  • Smartphone Control: Yes             
  • Soft Start / Stop : Yes
  • Timer To Close: Yes


  • The ultra-quiet operation makes it suitable both in residential areas and in places where the garage is next to bedrooms.
  • Remote access to your garage door is such a huge convenience especially if you occasionally forget the garage door open and have no means of closing it remotely.
  • View past action in your garage so you what happened while you were away.
  • Two-way communication
  • Video live streaming although this may mean extra costs for the service.


  • Video access requires a weekly/ monthly subscription which is an added cost.

Chamberlain  B4545T myQ Smart Garage Door Opener With A Camera (best with keypad)

Chamberlain B4545T Smart Garage Door Opener w/Built in HD Camera, Two way audio - myQ Smartphone Control- Ultra Quiet, Strong Belt Drive and MED Lifting Power, Wireless Keypad Incl, Blue
  • Built-in Camera streams video from your garage to a smart device
  • 2-way audio: The camera has 2-way communication for live conversation between your garage and your smartphone
  • Smartphone control: Monitor and control your garage from anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi and the myQ App.
  • Ultra-quiet and strong belt drive: Steel reinforced belt drive and constructed with high grade materials for years of reliability and quiet, smooth performance-perfect for attached garages
  • Perfect fit: Compatible with garage doors up to seven feet high. 8 and 10 feet doors require an extension kit

The Chamberlain B4545T MyQ Garage Door Opener incorporates all of the features you’d expect from a smart garage door opener. With this door, you can manage your doors from a distance. There’s also a smartphone app with a lot of functions. It’s compatible with Nest products as well as Apple Homekit, allowing you to manage your garage door using Siri voice commands.

Not only will the mobile app allow you to operate your garage door, but it will also notify you if it has been left open for an extended period or if it has been closed or opened. It’s also a very cost-effective option.

As one of the most widely compatible smart garage solutions, the Chamberlain myQ smart garage door opener makes setup easier than ever with its simple setup and Universal Bluetooth connection. Every day, you can set your garage door to close or your lights to switch on/off at a certain time.

This garage opener lets you invite up to five individuals to control your myQ devices securely. It’s one of the few garage openers compatible with Amazon Key, an extra service that allows Amazon Prime members to have packages delivered to their garage rather than leaving them outside where they can be stolen.

The MyQ is natively compatible with all major garage door opener brands and doesn’t require hardwiring, it should function with practically any type available.

However, it still does not yet support Amazon Alexa, and its proximity-based opening and closing options are only available if MyQ is combined with HomeKit.

Chamberlain  B4545T Technical Specifications

Part Number‎B4545
Item Weight‎32.4 pounds
Product Dimensions‎26.75 x 13.38 x 8.06 inches
Item model number‎B4545T
Style‎Door Opener B4545T
Power Source‎Battery
Voltage‎120 Volts
Adapted from manufacturer


  • Fairly priced yet powerful features mean it won’t disappoint for just a few bucks it takes to acquire it.
  • Compatible with most garage door openers.
  • Easy to install reducing the need to have a professional install it for you. If you love DIY projects, then installing the Chamberlain B4545T is just another day of play.
  • Remotely access your garage with the help of smart integrations with your favorite apps.
  • Amazon Key compatible which is a lovely thing if you’ve signed up for the service.


  • Doesn’t support Amazon Alexa
  • Its proximity-based opening and closing options are only available if MyQ is combined with HomeKit.

Asante smart garage door opener with a camera (best budget buy)

Asante GarageViewer, Garage Camera and Smart Garage Door Opener combined in one
  • Instantly view streaming video (HD, 720P) of your garage and control (open/close) your garage door from your smartphone with night vision.
  • Easy installation and setup process. Product for INTERNAL USE ONLY.
  • Access management, add users to monitor your garage and control your garage door. Take away user access when not needed.
  • Control (Open and Close) up to two garage doors with one camera.

From anywhere in the globe, you can open, close, or view your garage door. The Asante Smart Garage Door Opener operates similarly to other smart garage door openers in that it may be opened and closed via a smartphone app.

You may view your garage on the same mobile app using the inbuilt camera. There’s no need to invest in a separate camera that you’ll have to watch through a separate smartphone app. From one location, you can monitor and control your garage door.

This garage door opener has a night vision feature. Even when the garage door is closed and the area is dark, or even at night, the attached camera features LED lights that can provide bright photos. It’ll work with any garage door opener you already have.

You can offer family members and friends access to your garage door using the mobile app. As a result, more individuals will be able to open and close your garage door without bothering you.

This is a fantastic approach to ensure that your children, other family members, or your cleaning lady can gain access to your home even if you are not around. This access can also be revoked at any moment.

You just need one Asante Smart Garage Door Opener if you have two garages. Unlike some garage door openers, the Asante Smart Garage Door Opener will operate on its own without the need for you to pay any monthly fees. Aside from the push alerts on your smartphone, you can get e-mail and SMS messages.

You can choose the types of alert alerts you want to receive for different occurrences using the Asante mobile app.


  • Night vision feature which is a plus, especially for recording whatever goes in the garage at night and also saves you some bucks on power bills as you don’t have to leave your garage lights on.
  • Camera HD quality of 720 which provides a clear recording and view o the garage even remotely.
  • Asante dramatic garage is a fantastic feature that plays for you your favorite music or song when you arrive in your garage. This is a mood booster.
  • The Asante smart garage door opener allows you to open multiple doors lessening the burden of having to buy several openers.
  • Email and SMS alerts work just perfectly and are very timely.
  • Remote access via the integrated apps for easy access and control of the garage door and space.


  • Not compatible with Alexa, SmartThings or IFTTT
  • A poorly designed app that may turn off tech-savvy users

Chamberlain B6765TSmart Garage Door Opener With A Camera (Best overall for heavy doors)

Chamberlain B6765T Smart Garage Door Opener w/Built in HD Camera, Battery Backup & LED Lighting - myQ Smartphone Control - Ultra Quiet, Strong Belt Drive and MAX Lifting Power, Wireless Keypad Inc
  • Built-in camera: Features a built-in motion-activated 1080P HD camera to stream live video from your garage right to your device. The camera can be manually adjusted 360° and comes equipped with glare resistant night-vision lens
  • 2-way audio: The camera has 2-way communication for live conversation between your garage and your smartphone
  • Smartphone control: Monitor and control your garage from anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi and the myQ App.
  • Ultra-Quiet and Strong Belt Drive: Steel reinforced belt drive and constructed with high grade materials for years of reliability and quiet, smooth performance-perfect for attached garages
  • See you garage in a new light: Corner to Corner lighting, smart garage opener features 3,100 Lumens of LED lighting to fill your entire garage

This is the best option if you want to entirely replace your automatic garage door opener. It contains smart features including MyQ technology, which allows you to control your garage door from your phone.

You may watch what’s going on in your garage via a live feed or a recorded event thanks to the built-in video camera.

To watch everything that happens in the garage, the video camera may be manually turned and rotated 360 degrees. Night vision lens auto-adjusts to light levels in the garage to catch everything and anything that passes through

You can watch in-garage deliveries in real-time thanks to live video streaming capabilities. You can see live videos from your garage for free. With this garage door opener, you can even record and keep videos for up to 7 or 30 days with a myQ Video Storage Subscription.

This Chamberlain smart garage door opener gives you Real-time communication between your garage and your smartphone. With built-in Wi-Fi, you may easily connect to a home network.

On your smartphone, you will receive notifications and open or close your garage door. Set a timer to close your garage door or turn your lights on and off regularly. Compatible with a variety of smart devices and platforms.

Safety sensors prevent the door from closing on objects, protecting people and cars.  With Battery Backup, you can get in and out when the power goes off.

The 3,100 lumens of light produced by the Ultra Bright 100 LED system are quite remarkable. For maximum coverage, light arrays are strategically placed. The LEDs can last up to 30,000 hours, which is almost as long as the opener itself.


  • LED lights that provide extra illumination in the garage when needed. Additionally, the LEDs have nearly the same lifespan as the opener itself.
  • Backup battery so you don’t get stuck when the power goes off and you have to use the garage.
  • Night vision capability so you don’t have to leave your garage lights on during the night which leads to more power bills.


  • Quite pricey but worth the buy given the set of features it packs together, even for an average user.

Atomi Smart Garage Door Opener with Wireless Control 

If you want to convert your existing opener to a smart one, this garage door opener offers the simplest and most secure way to go about this. With a quick and easy setup, this smart garage door opener packs together features that would excite anyone out there. 

We fell in love with this garage door opener from the very first minute we opened the box. Below are some of the best features that stood out for us. 

Best Features we loved most

Stay in the know with real-time updates and history logs: The Atomi smart garage door opener sends you updates every time your garage door is operated and also saves a history log of the door’s operation. 

Turn your garage into a smart garage if your current isn’t. The Atomi smart garage door opener packs together features that will make you fall in love with your new smart garage door opener. 

All from within the Atomi Smart app, you can remotely control and monitor your garage space thanks to the smartphone integration and a flexible camera with a wide view. This garage door opener is compatible with nearly all kinds of garage door openers. 

Wireless Control, voice control and daily schedules. Thanks to the free Atomi smart app, you can control your garage door right from your smartphone and even schedule open/close times for the garage door. As it’s compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, you can issue voice control commands to your opener. 

Ultra-quiet operation with minimal noise, making it suitable for garages close to living spaces.  

Secure your packages with Amazon Key. Whether you are home or away, your deliveries will always be safe in the garage thanks to compatibility with Amazon Key. 

Never leave your garage door open again. If you must leave your garage door open just because the open/close process takes too long yet you are just stepping out for a minute or two, the Atomi smart garage door opener has a better idea. Simply use your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to issue open/close commands. 

Compatible Platforms 

  • Google Assistant 
  • Alexa 

Technical Specifications

  • Device Compatibility:  Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Connectivity: No Hub Required
  • Operating Environment: Indoor
  • WiFi: Only supported on 2.4GHz WiFi networks
  • Input: 5V⎓1A
  • Packaging Dimensions: 6.25″ W x 9.1″ H x 2.75″ D
  • Certifications: FCC, RoHS Compliant, PROP 65 Compliant
  • Warranty: One-year limited warranty from date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship


  • Neally compatible with almost all brands meaning you can easily convert your non-smart garage door opener to smart with ease.
  • Voice commands through Alexa and Google Assistant make it perfect, especially for garages if you love using these apps.
  • Ultra-quiet operations means less noise and long service life.
  • Additional Amazon Key compatibility means you can receive your parcels safely even when you are not at home.
  • Daily schedules reduces manual operation of the garage door and saves you time.
  • Real-updates and history logs provide extra layer of security.


  • The app’s function is disrupted if a remote is used alongside the app. We noted that if you close the door with its usual remote, the app’s door status doesn’t change to closed. If you try close it in this state, the door opens instead. It’s recommended that you stick to the app for best experience.
  • We also noted a decrease in camera quality over time 

Frequently asked questions about the best smart garage doors with a camera

Are there cameras on LiftMaster garage door openers?

LiftMaster is expanding its myQ-connected ecosystem of goods, which now includes a garage door opener with an embedded smart camera. The device also includes a battery backup and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing it to be controlled via the brand’s myQ app.

How do I share my Q camera with others?

Through the myQ app, you invite the individual to whom you want to grant access. When you extend an invitation, it is accompanied by an email that must be accepted within a week. Accepting an invitation is straightforward; if the user already has a myQ account, they simply log in to do so.

Is it possible to install a camera in my garage door opener?

LiftMaster provides the Smart Garage Camera, a standalone white camera with a magnetic base and a 140-degree wide-angle vision. This is ideal if you already own an opener and just want to add a camera.  All you have to do is attach the camera to the underside of your existing opener.

Do garage door openers have cameras?

Not all garage door openers have built-in cameras. However, you can buy a camera extension and attach it to your garage door opener for added security and convenience.

Can I make my garage door Smart?

Yes. However, it depends on the garage door or opener you have installed. If you have a garage door that you wish to operate using smart devices, please consider buying a smart garage door opener. Review our list of Alexa-enabled smart garage door openers.

Can I add Wi-Fi to my garage door opener?

Yes, you can but only if your garage door opener has the built-in WIFI capacity or the model has an extension that can support Wi-Fi integration.

What is the best smart garage door opener with a camera? Verdict

The best garage door opener with a camera is the iSmartGate Pro garage door opener with a Camera. This garage door opener packs together exciting features that is just about enough to convince even the highest ranked perfectionist when it comes to home improvement.

While testing this garage door opener, we check all the boxes that the manufacturers claimed it will fulfil. The camera authentication works just perfect and we used it control 3 doors in a residential area. The smart features work just perfectly and connect seamlessly with your favorite tools- Google Assitant, Alexa and Siri.

ismartgate PRO Smart Garage Door Opener Remote. Compatible Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings. Compatible with All Garage Openers. Wireless Sensor Included.
  • Compatible with all garage door openers (You can control up to 3 doors). For a ROLLER door you would need the GATE kit. For Chamberlain, Craftsman, LiftMaster openers with a YELLOW learn button you would need our ismartgate switch adaptor (sold separately). More info below.
  • VOICE CONTROL AND FREE HOME INTEGRATION: ismartgate works with major smart home platforms for free: Apple Homekit, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Samsung SmartThings and iFTTT! Ask Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa to open or close the gate for you. Ask them for the status of the gate at any time and create scenes or home automations with other devices and services through our new “GarageWiFi & Gates” iFTTT channel.
  • THE MOST COMPLETE SMART OPENER: ismartgate allows you to create different user accounts (restrictions by time, garage and location). It also allows you to integrate up to three (3) existing IP camera for real time video monitoring and recording from ismartgate app. ismartgate allows remote operation (open/close) of garage and remote alerts (open/close/left open) too!
  • AUTOMATIC OPEN/CLOSE WITH GPS OR TIME: ismartgate will automatically open or close your gate when approaching or leaving your home (or at a given time). Simply link ismartgate to iFTTT to enjoy this feature!
  • CUSTOMIZABLE APP: ismartgate allows you to upload a picture of your garage when open and closed. You can also choose if you want the “open/close” button to be “up and down” or “left to right”. This PRO version also includes a visual acoustic alarm and can play a dedicated song/tone for every garage door when open or closed.
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