Best Roll Up Garage Door Openers To Buy For Your Garage

When it comes to garage door openers, there are lots of options available in the market today. People often choose a garage door based on the appearance of their home as well as durability and security considerations.

A roll-up garage door opener is one of the most popular and effective options which is why we are reviewing the best roll up garage door openers today.

Roll-up doors are used in a range of business and residential applications. Roll-up garage door openers employ a roll-up mechanism.

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This type of garage door is simple to operate and requires the use of a remote in most circumstances. They are, on the whole, significantly more efficient and less prone to failure.

They are made up of an extension string system that serves as a door counterweight. Today let us look at the different roll-up garage door openers and their features. By the end, we should know everything there is about roll-up garage door openers.

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Best Roll Up Garage Door Openers (Reviews)

Now that we know what roll-up garage doors are and how they operate, let us look at the best roll-up garage door openers available in the market based on features, security, functionality, compatibility, durability, etc.

LiftMaster LJ8950W Light-Duty Commercial Door Jackshaft Operator

The LiftMaster LJ8950W Light-Duty Commercial Door Jackshaft Operator is a replacement for the famous Liftmaster 3950 Jackshaft Roll Up Garage Door Opener.

The LiftMaster LJ8950W is a huge success in wall-mounted commercial garage door openers for rolling doors. The opener comes with a built-in Wi-Fi provision and is perfect for applications using self-storage, counter shutters, dock doors, and small warehouses.

With additional MyQ technology, you can simply connect the operator to your home or facility’s Wi-Fi and access real-time data analytics.

For those using this operator in a commercial setup, the myQ dock management will help you analyze load, turn and dwell time at each of your facility’s docks. Additional real-time alerts ensure you remain in control of the facility access point so you can predict and improve your efficiency and productivity as well as reduce expenses.

The LiftMaster LJ8950W safety standards include the UL 325 Safety Standards with additional commercial safety sensors to protect people and vehicles in the garage. The sensors and accessories help stop the garage door from closing on instructions.

Security+ 2.0 ensure only registered devices can open the garage door.

With a commercial power rating of 120V AC, 60Hz Voltage, and a 1.5A current rating, the LiftMaster LJ8950W is sure to operate with ease. It also includes a smooth start/stop operation to help extend hardware life and reduce any need for maintenance.

An optional power backup (the Chamberlain Liftmaster 485LM Battery) makes it a darling to many who have inconsistent power supply to the garage.

The LiftMaster LJ8950w garage door opener has an 8.5” per second door opening speed and a 7.6” per second door closing speed.

The LiftMaster LJ8950w is definitely up there among the best roll up garage door openers to buy anytime both for commercial and residential use.

Top Features

  • Provides business connectivity to monitor and control your garage using the myQ Facility Acess, myQ Dock Management.
  • Real-time alerts keeps you in the loop at all times
  • Meets the UL 325 Safety Standards
  • Commercial safety sensors to protect you and your car during operation
  • Delivers restricted access only through the Security+ 2.0®
  • Start/stop ability to extend hardware life and minimize maintenance
  • Optional power backup for use during power outages.

The Chamberlain HandyLift Roll Up Garage Door Opener

Universal Garage Door Remote Compatible for LiftMaster,Chamberlain,Linear,Stanley,Wayne Dalton,Craftsman and More Garage/Gate Door Opener has Learn Button or DIP Switch on Opener
  • Works Major Brands: Chamerlain/Liftmaste,Linear,Craftsman,Genie,Overhead Door, Stanley, Linear and more openers has Red/Orange/Purple/Yellow/Green color learn button or DIP Switches on the motor unit. Works multi-frequency 300/310/315/318/390MHz etc.
  • NOTICE: For Access Master,Do-it,Gatheron,LiftMaster,Link Control,Master Mechanic,Raynor,Sears Craftsman,Steel Craft,True Value are all compatible with Chamberlain technology.Please refer to the relevant learn button of Chamberlain listed above to set your keypad & remote.
  • NOT SUPPORT: NOT compatible with garage door openers manufactured by Allstar, Marantec, Hormann etc openers. Can compatible most of America brands opener,but NOT 100% universal.
  • TWO CHANNELS: Two buttons, able to control 2 different garage doors with one remote. Support very old remote like multi-code, DIP switch remote. Easy programing. User manual included.

The HandyLift Plus is a simple to install do-it-yourself roll-up garage door opener kit that converts a single-vehicle garage roller door to an automatic garage door. It is compatible with all roller door brands and has the most up-to-date remote control multi-frequency security. It comes with s a five-year warranty.

It has an ultra-quiet operation DC motor and belt drive technology for, powerful, and long-lasting performance.

This opener comes with a long-range remote that always works. Encrypted multi-frequency remotes ensure that your garage door is always opened by your remote opener. The premium blockage reversal technology in the Chamberlain product gives you peace of mind that your family is safe.

Equipped with an intelligent operating system, the opener responds to age and weather changes automatically, ensuring a safe and reliable operation.

The Chamberlain HandyLift Plus 2.0 roll-up garage door opener is designed for single roller garage doors with a maximum door height of four and a half meters and a size of up to thirteen square meters. No need to replace your garage door because it fits all major brands.

Bulipu Automatic Roll Up Door Opener,Commerial Garage Roller Door Opener with 4 Remote Powerful 1000N Motor 22m² Rolling OZ

Bulipu Automatic Roll Up Door Opener,Commerial Garage Roller Door Opener with 4 Remote Powerful 1000N Motor 22m² Rolling OZ
  • 【Highly Compatible】 Bulipu roll up door opener fits most rolling doors such as garage doors, barn doors, warehouse doors, shopping mall rolling doors, and other steel roller doors (NOTE: Modification or trimming might be required in some cases)
  • 【Powerful】Max Lifting Force: 800N for doors up to 19.7ft, 242sq.ft and 265LBS, capable of steering a roller door in a quiet, smooth and high-speed manner
  • 【Remote Control】Garage gate opener comes with 4 remotes, control distance up to 164ft, easy to control the door in the car without getting out
  • 【Automatic & Intelligent】If the door meets an obstacle or gets restricted otherwise during its opening or closing, it will move in a reverse direction automatically. Please keep the space under door clear of pets or people
  • 【Auto & Manual Modes】Auto door opener is easy to shift to manual mode by pulling down the string handle. And it supports connection with a battery to supply power when the mains power is off

Are you tired of the hassle that comes with manually handling your garage door? Look no further than the Bulipu Roll-Up Door Opener, a powerful and highly compatible solution designed to transform your garage experience. Here’s a closer look at its features:

High Compatibility for Various Doors

The Bulipu opener is designed to fit a variety of rolling doors, including garage doors, barn doors, warehouse doors, shopping mall rolling doors, and other steel roller doors. While it boasts widespread compatibility, be aware that some modification or trimming might be required in specific cases.

Powerful Performance

Experience a lifting force like never before with the Bulipu opener. With a maximum lifting force of 800N, it can effortlessly handle doors up to 19.7ft, 242 sq.ft, and 265 lbs. Enjoy the convenience of steering your roller door in a quiet, smooth, and high-speed manner.

Convenient Remote Control

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually operating your garage door. The Bulipu opener comes with four remotes, providing a control distance of up to 164ft. Easily operate your door from the comfort of your car without the need to step out.

Automatic & Intelligent Operation

The Bulipu opener adds an extra layer of safety to your garage. In the event of an obstacle or restriction during the door’s opening or closing, it automatically reverses direction. Ensure the space under the door is clear of pets or people for seamless operation.

Versatile Auto & Manual Modes

Switching between auto and manual modes has never been easier. The Bulipu opener allows for a smooth transition to manual mode by simply pulling down the string handle. Additionally, it supports connection with a battery to ensure continued operation during power outages.

Upgrade your garage door experience with the Bulipu Roll-Up Door Opener – a reliable, powerful, and intelligent solution for modern living.

The DBCi 650 series Roll Up Garage Door Opener

The 650 is the top-of-the-line door for ease of use and maintenance. Both support brackets on the door include shielded steel radial bearings. The DBCi tension bracket allows you to adjust the tension on your door effortlessly, swiftly, and safely.

The 650 door’s endless tensioning options allow you to dial in the perfect amount of tension and save costly repair calls.

It comes with the Weather X system which is known for its exceptional color and gloss preservation, as well as its exceptional chalk resistance.

The Weather X technology protects the product from the physical abuses of fabrication, transportation, and building while reducing cracking. To offer structural stability, the bottom bar features precisely galvanized angles.

What is a Roll up Garage Door?

Although this term “roll-up garage door” may be strange to you, you’ve most likely seen one at a rental facility, or a government office somewhere.

Rollup garage doors are built of horizontal steel sheets. These garage doors don’t necessarily rely on a horizontal track system to operate.

When the garage door is opened, these steel sheets coil up in a roll on the ceiling of the garage

A Roll-Up garage door opener works by allowing the panel to slide up and down vertically. The panels can then be rolled up. Roll-up garage door openers come in many different sizes, designs, configurations, and shapes.

They can also be made of a variety of materials, depending on their intended use. Professional garage door businesses can assist you in choosing the right roll-up garage door opener design for your needs.

Types of roll up garage doors

Roll-up garage doors are divided into two categories. There are the roll-up sheet garage doors and the rolling steel garage doors.

Roll-up sheet garage doors

Sheet garage doors are constructed from a single huge piece of steel. These doors are the most affordable type of roll-up garage door and are best used in light commercial applications.

You will mostly find them in backyard sheds, mini-warehouses, storage facilities, loading docks, and other business enterprises

Rolling steel garage doors

Although these doors resemble sheet doors in appearance, they do not function in the same way. The rolling steel door is formed of metal slats Instead of a single huge steel sheet.

You will mostly find them in industrial and high-security areas like pharmacy counter windows, factories, transit centers, etc.

Benefits of roll up garage doors and openers

Roll-up garage doors come with a set of benefits compared to the traditional garage door.

Added security

Roll-up doors provide a higher level of security than sectional doors because of the material they are made of. Thanks to the steel’s strength, Intruders are kept out, and your belongings are kept safe. These doors are less likely to be vandalized and are resistant when it comes to fire outbreaks.


Steel’s durability allows it to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as ordinary wear and tear. With this, you are ensured that your roll-up garage door will last longer than the traditional garage door materials.

Saves space

Roll-up doors are folded into a roll rather than opening along tracks. This saves space. While sectional garage doors must be stored inward, roll-up garage doors, both commercial and industrial, can be pulled into a tiny space and take up hardly any overhead space.

Cheap Maintenance

Unlike its competitor garage doors, roll up garage doors require very minimal maintenance. For cleaning purposes, just wash your garage door with a power wash tool once or twice a month depending on the prevailing weather.

Also, roll up garage doors require very minimal oiling for lubrication and sometimes oiling in unnecessary. Once installed, the door can go for decades without requiring any major attention unless it’s exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Facts about roll up garage doors to consider before converting your sectional overhead door to a roll up garage door

Here are a few things you should know if you are thinking of converting your sectional overhead doors to a roll-up garage

  • Roll-up garage doors are often heavier than sectional garage doors. This means that they might need additional support in the header above the garage door.
  • Due to the coil of the roll-up door, it takes up more space than sectional overhead doors.
  • Roll-up garage doors usually have higher maintenance and repair costs. If a roll-up door’s spring breaks, you must disassemble the door to replace the spring, then reassemble the door. The use of a lift to remove and reinstall the door will increase the cost of the repair.
  • Rolling overhead doors do not offer as many design and window possibilities as sectional overhead doors.
  • Roll-up doors do not have the same R-value as sectional overhead doors when it comes to insulation.
  • Roll-up doors must be opened with jackshaft style openers, but sectional overhead doors can be opened with either regular openers with an opener rail or jackshaft style openers.

Can you make a roll up door automatic?

Basically, all roll up garage doors can be automated (or motorized) whether the original installation was a manual type or a motor has failed and needs replacement. However, a lot of factors have to be considered including:

  • The condition of the garage door. You should be good to go is the door moves easily and freely, and doesn’t rub on the floor or its frame. Even if the state of the garage door has deteriorated, it can be rejuvenated through repairs and motorized.
  • The conditions within your garage.  Some garage conditions would not allow a motor to function properly or reduce its lifespan. Major considerations are available of headroom, power in the garage and if there are lintels that pass in the garage which would limit the motor mechanism.

How To Automate A Roll Up Garage Door

Watch this video to understand how to automate a roll up garage door.

Wrap up

There are numerous advantages to having a rollup door for your business. You can trust a roll-up garage door to fulfill your needs, save you space, keep your business safe, and help you save money on energy bills.

To make it even better, a roll-up garage door requires no maintenance. With these best roll-up garage door openers you will have your door running like the well-oiled machine it is.

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